Health Screening

We want to help pets live longer and healthier lives.

There are blood and urine screening tests that can be performed to check if your pet is starting to have problems with their organs. Pets are very good at hiding illness and we can’t always tell they are sick very easily.

We can find out things about their health by running these screening tests. Early treatment could prevent things from worsening, make them feel better and help them live longer.

We recommend screening tests be performed every 12 months for SENIOR pets and every 6 months for GERIATRIC pets.


An essential part of the general health screening. Provides information about kidney function, urinary tract disease (bladder, kidneys, prostate), and systemic diseases like diabetes.


Tells us information about red and white blood cells, leukemias, infection or inflammation, anemias and blood loss.


This is a comprehensive internal organ screen that includes electrolyte measurements.


Thyroid hormone levels and SDMA for earliest detection of kidney function problems

Canine/Feline PL:

Pancreas specific testing that will tell us if your pet may have pancreatitis.


Tests for 3 common tick borne diseases (Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma) and Heartworm infection.  This test is recommend for anyone rescuing or adopting pets from outside of our local area, and for anyone who travels outside of our local Kootenay region.