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WNWcertified_w_addressWalks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid

(originally Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet Care) is based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Founded in 2000 by Lisa Wagner, Walks ‘N’ Wags originally offered dog walking and cat sitting services.

Lisa developed an interest in Pet First Aid when she started her Pet Care company and in 2003 she became a Pet First Aid Instructor. Lisa has since personally taught the Pet First Aid program to hundreds of dedicated pet lovers. In 2007 Walks ‘N’ Wags took over the management of highly recognized Oakland Educational Services’ Pet First Aid Program.

Over the years, Lisa and her pet care staff had numerous occasions to utilize the skills taught in the Pet First Aid course. They have been the first to attend to several injuries, including: a severed tendon, a chest impalement, severe stomach laceration, a broken leg, fractured jaw, crushed pelvis, and have unfortunately had to perform CPR. The pet care staff also found warning signs for numerous illnesses and conditions in their clients’ pets such as kidney disease, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. This knowledge was gained from the awareness of preventative and recognition measures learned in the course.

In 2010, Lisa sold her Pet Care company to Best Friends Pet Care focus her energy on Walks ‘N’ Wags’ Pet First Aid program.

There are now Instructors teaching the Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid program in many different Canadian Cities with expansion into the United States. Feeling confident in one’s ability to assist an animal who is suffering is an empowering experience and one that Walks ‘N’ Wags is now proud to share across North America and now other parts of the world.

Dr. Arbic is a certified Walks n Wags Pet First Aid Instructor. As of May 2018 she is no longer teaching any classes. Anne Cunningham has taken over as an instructor. Please contact the clinic if you are interested in becoming pet first aid certified. We will put you in touch with Anne.


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